​the power of your brain

Our Amygdala (part of our brain) which is responsible for emotions, instincts, survival
Emotional Responce Memory   (key) 

Which Means   

Every event, experience, struggle, exposure, involvement,
trauma, disturbance, upset, injury, hurt, etc.
connected to a negative emotional reponce, we will                    still have a negative responce when something
similar happens.

  which causes

Once in stress mode, (fight, flight, freeze or faint,) 
our body releases

  (a steroid hormone)

Everytime cortisol is released into our systems
some of the effects are
 insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome, thyroid disorders, dementia, depression, Fertility Problems, 
Cardiovascular Disease
Gastrointestinal Problems
Immune System Suppression
Weight Gain and Obesity

All of our negative emotional responce memories
now grow in our minds, influencing our decisions, 
responces, relationships, money, work, children, etc.,

Our Lives

Is it time to change this?
if some of your thoughts include
I can't do this, its to hard, I'm not good enough, life sucks,
I'm stupid and can't learn anything, I'm to fat, lazy, ugly, I'm no good at that, why is this happening to me, nothing is easy for me, not enough money, I'm not enough, I'm worthless,
you get it the list goes on

If you are reading this 
it is time to change, 
and find out 




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