Janet Reader
The BodyTalker


Experience the Simplicity, Ease, and Effectiveness of The BodyTalk System

The BodyTalk System changed my life. The simple and effective therapy helped
me and my family through one of our most trying times. Because of this personal experience, I was inspired to educate myself and help others using the same system.

In late 2015, I wrote my exams and became certified as a BodyTalk Practitioner.
As I continue my passion I have studied Emotional Freedom Technique Level 1, ReikiLevel 2, Aromatouch Technique and currently studying Reiki Level 3, EFT Level 2 &3, and Meridian Healing

My work and personal experiences paired with my desire to help others,
makes this job a passion.

A passion I’m ready to share.

Rising Above
Much as the Eagle soars majestically, held aloft on the Four Winds and leaving the ground far below, so does the Soul who has Bald Eagle as their Power Totem, possess the same ability to Rise Above the mundane.
In many respects, this keyword is linked to the preceding one of Illumination, for it represents the Soul’s ability to integrate the lessons of the physical world, to leave behind the trappings of the past and the darker shadows of the human mind, so that one might soar on the winds of illumination and awareness. Only once the Lower Personality has been thoroughly embraced, understood, resolved and integrated, will the Soul have the freedom to Soar. The road “there” is not an easy one to take, nor for the faint-hearted, yet it is a Journey that all of us must make in order that our Soul may evolve beyond the need to incarnate into flesh.
This process is begun by uncovering those habits, beliefs and actions which are either self-destructive or cause pain for another, and is the crucial first step in the Journey of integrating the personality to the Soul. Many lifetimes may be spent in this first step alone as to face one’s own Inner Truth in complete honesty may be painful and require a good deal of detachment, it also requires that we embrace those aspects of ourselves that we may see as less than desirable. Yet once the Soul has acknowledged these Truths then the greatest step has already been taken.
Next in this process (once our stumbling blocks have been identified), is to evaluate what lessons they have presented in our life. This is then initialed by once again evaluating the Self in honesty, by asking if these lessons and issues have been resolved, for if they have not been, they will simply re-present themselves again and again, becoming exponentially larger, until we are “forced” to confront and resolve them.For some who chose to evade and fool themselves, this can ultimately manifest physically with the individual either becoming so ill that they are left under the surgeon’s knife, in the hospital, or they transition, only to come back in the next life and face those very same lessons yet again.
If indeed, one can honestly affirm that those lessons have been thoroughly acknowledged, learned and absorbed, then the unfolding of the Soul begins and with it, the ability to rise above the mundane. This, as stated earlier, is a very involved process and must always be approached in conscious awareness, yet the freedom of the Soul on the wing, able to rise above those things that have caused one so much pain, anger or torment in the past, is a glorious unfolding to behold.

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Rising Above